we DRIVE cargo damage prevention in global supply chains
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Evertrace is a Machine Learning-based platform for real-time cargo tracking, risk prediction and damage prevention,
that benefits all stakeholders in global supply chains.
our vision

An entirely new kind of supply chain ecosystem for all stakeholders

Evertrace envisions supply chains where risks are clear for all parties involved and damages can be prevented in a timely manner. Currently, neither insurance companies, nor cargo owners or freight forwarders have real-time insights into the risk they bear.

We enable insurance companies and brokers to predict risk accumulation in real-time, save operational costs for underwriting and claims management, and to serve their customers digitally.

We create a simple and safe way for cargo owners to track goods in real-time and implement damage prevention mechanisms based on real-time tracking data.

Our core technologies

Cargo is a dynamic risk, which changes significantly depending on various factors such as trade flows, commodity prices, supply chain disruptions, and seasonal trends.*

* - according to Lloyds.

Savings Potential

Use cases

We focus on the following use cases

For insurance companies and brokers

1. Underwriting  insights

Dynamic risk scoring for cargo types, packaging, routes and transport modes

2. Risk accumulation 

Visualization of risk accumulation in real-time worldwide, 24/7 and risk projection over time

3. Damage prevention

Notification and alerts; actionable prevention guidelines for all parties involved; accountability and transparency of actions

4. Claims management 

Full shipment report for automated claims management and seamless recovery request to 3rd parties

For cargo owners and freight forwarders

1. Real-time track & trace

Monitoring of temperature, humidity, light, tilt, shock and location of cargo worldwide, 24/7

2. Partner cargo insurance online

Customized cargo insurance policies from evertrace insurance partners

3. Damage prevention

Notification and alerts; actionable prevention guidelines for all parties involved; accountability and transparency of actions

4. Claims management monitoring

Claim reporting in one click based on full shipment report and stored documents, claims monitoring online

Key features

Key features of the evertrace platform

Real-time Track & Trace

Real-time cargo tracking

Notifications & Alarms

Reverse logistics

Insurance Dashboard

Risk scoring

Risk accumulation analysis

Claims registry

Damage prevention model

Risk scoring

Event detection & damage prevention

Claims registry

Up to 67% of cargo damages can be prevented or reduced.

That’s why we are developing a new type of risk prediction and damage prevention model based on real-time tracking data and additional data sources.

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Core technologies

Modern Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are merged to shape a base for our unique solution

Secure IoT Hub for the integration of any tracking device
End-to-end secure device identity, from hardware to backend
Data integration layer for the combination of data sources
Real-time analytics for detection and validation of events supported by ML
ML-based risk modeling and damage prevention guidelines
Blockchain adapter for various smart contracts and DLT technologies
Data sets about supply chain risks and performances from various
Benchmarking of IoT devices reliability in various contexts and use cases


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Next Big Thing AG

IoT and Blockchain company builder, that offers a complete framework for the acceleration of IoT ventures




We enable a new generation of damage-free global supply chains

Shashank Srivastava


Eike Reifhardt

Frontend developer

Martin Maurer

Technical research

Darina Onoprienko

Co-founder & CEO

Gautier Lobry

Co-founder & Cto

Hamed Abdollahpour

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