Creating a single source of truth for supply chain data
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Trustworthy data is a crucial component for supply chain automation and smart contracting.
The evertrace platform enables this.

Product Overview

An entirely new kind of supply chain ecosystem for all stakeholders

evertrace is an end-to-end solution for tracking physical assets across globally distributed supply chains, enabling all stakeholders to seamlessly integrate verified data into smart contract based processes.

The automation of complex supply chains via smart contracts is only possible when decisions are based on trustworthy and reliable data. By combining IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies, we create a single source of truth for real-time supply chain data.

Core features of the evertrace platform include the attestation of supply chain data through end-to-end secure device identification, real-time event processing, smart contract services and the seamless integration to blockchain systems via an adapter.

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'Supply chain smart contracting has the potential to save up to 20% of the collective shipping costs, which benefits all the stakeholders involved.'

Samsuns SDS Co.

Savings Potenial
Key features

Key features of the evertrace platform

Evertrace multi stakeholder dashboard to visualize data and processes

Real-time tracking

Integration of various tracking devices and telematics units on demand via API, integration with ERP and WMS systems, 3rd party data sources (weather, supply chain disruptions).

Data Analytics and Management

Ranking of data sources, real-time event processing, predictive analytics, customized data sets, single dashboard for data visualization and smart contracting.

Smart Contract and Oracle Services

Transport and Insurance smart contracting templates, in-built KPI and credit ratings for stakeholders, data marketplace infrastructure.

In instances of road freight within the EU, validated data enables up to 40 EUR savings per shipment through automation and Smart Contracting.

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Core Technologies

Combining IoT, Blockchain and AI technologies

Secure IoT Hub for the integration of any device

End-to-end secure device identity, from hardware to backend

Data integration layer for the combination of data sources

Real-time analytics for the detection and validation of events

Smart contracts service to manage templates; bind to IoT data

Blockchain adapter for various smart contracts and DLT technologies

Data sets about supply chain risks and performances

Benchmarking of devices reliability in various contexts


Companies, who support our vision


We enable new generation of supply chains

Darina Onoprienko

Co-founder & CEO

Gautier Lobry

Co-Founder & CTO

Fred Tucker

Network Engineer

Martin Maurer

Blockchain Developer

Martin Buhl

Financial Advisor

Jasmin Skenderi

IoT & Hardware Advisor
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